Deeper inside Ho Thi Ky Market in Saigon

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Almost customers come to Saigon understood more about the famous market. Which is a long year operate is Ben Thanh Market. Today, we discuss one authentic local market in the district 10 at Saigon is Ho Thi Ky Flower Market. Follow the name of market, there are lots of flowers sell here so fresh and reasonable price.

The story of Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

This is the biggest wholesale market flowers supply fresh flowers for Ho Chi Minh city. You can go there to buy for wholesale or decor for your home fresh and natural. You can find any flowers of Vietnam in this market like roses, lotuses, lilies or chrysanthemum, etc.

The flowers come from difference regions of Vietnam but most of it come from Da Lat and Mekong Delta. Standing here and having a feel like staying on a beautiful flowers garden. Visiting this market to order for a unique bouquet by the local artist here is a good choice that you should do.

Somethings in Ho Thi Ky Flower Market attract you

Flowers paradise

It’s look like I said before, there are many kind of flowers that you can find in here. Next, I will discuss some of popular flowers in this market.


Lotuses (Source: Internet)
Lily flowers


Visiting Cambodian Market

This market is situated inside the Ho Thi Ky Flower markets. There are some of special things of local people here you can try like food, vegetable or street food of Cambodia with reasonable price. There are two of local dishes at Cambodian that you have to try:

Bun Tu Xe
Num Bo Chok Noodle

This is the Cambodian noodle by a Khmer ethnic, Cambodian people often have it on breakfast, the flavor and taste of soup are strong but it so delicious. The materials are fish meat, galingale and special thing is Prahok salted fish. This noodle eat with many types of vegetables like cucumbers, morning glory, long beans and banana flowers, etc.

Che Co Co

This sweet shop are very populars with almost young people in Saigon. The woman owner said she have sold the sweet soup for 40 years. She is very friendly and her sweet soup are very delicious by many ingredients come from nature like pumpkin, durian, jelly, coconut palm, etc. Not only for sweet soup, she has flan cake, grilled banana and some of desserts from Cambodia.

There are some of difference dishes that you can try when visit here like grilled pork, deep-fry chicken, snail noodle, peach tea or many many things you should try if you have time.

How to check in Ho Thi Ky Flower Market?

It’s located in District 10 and not far away from district 1. You can take there by taxi, motorbike or bus. But we recommend you using the Grab to take there.

Because they are very friendly and do not get more charge, you can make a conversation with them on the way. It’s about 3.2 KM from Ben Thanh Market, if you have a strong health, take there by foot and find the way on Google Maps. It easy to find.

Some of recommendation from the author

Before buying flowers, you can bargain the price of flower cheaper but don’t bargain it too low.

The noisiest time of Ho Thi Ky is 2 AM when the farmer supply the flowers for many stalls. But this time, we are going sleep. I hope you should go there in morning to have breakfast in Cambodian market.

If you want to order flowers for friends or decor, calling this hotline 0932 865 301, they will have a good conversation with you as well as consult you which one is suitable for your favorite.

After visiting Ho Thi Ky market in the morning, why not move to China Town (Cho Lon) in district 5 which is near here also.





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