Famous coffee shops you should not miss in Saigon!

For coffee lovers, this post will introduce to you some famous with unique coffee drinks that make you unforgettable. Here is the top 5 of the coffee shop that I have tried and honestly, it is freaking amazing about their drinks. Once come to Vietnam, you must try it right away because it is so much delicious.

Dear Joe coffee shop

Dear Joe is a small coffee shop, located at the small alley of Pham Dinh Toai street, district 3, HCMC. In here, ice cream pots are a unique selling point of the coffee shop. As a newbie like once come to the shop, I thought it was a real pot if without any explanation from the staff in here. In average, this pot ice cream pot will take about 50,000 VND, depends on your flavour and add-in toppings. The cream is placed in a potted plant with materials resembling real soil to deceive vision. This dish is not only beautiful but also quite delicious with slightly sweet.

Hell coffee shop

If you are as a person who likes mysterious and creepy things, this coffee shop could be suitable for you. In here, the owner divides the space with different decoration. For some corners, it set as an abandoned cemetery while as a different corner, it is like a Vietnamese funeral celebration. When you come here, you could see there are many fake arms and legs are hung on the ceiling. For the bravest people sometimes howl by accidentally touching hands, feet, skulls sprouting everywhere in the shop. Yet, the effigies in devil costumes dangling from the ceiling, the tombs, the table, etc. are also factors that make many visitors afraid.

Monkey In Black coffee shop

Totally different from the horrifying atmosphere of the Hell coffee shop, Monkey in Black coffee shop will suitable for those who love peaceful and delicate. This shop is quite famous because most of the drinks in here, you could eat totally the cup of the coffee. The materials of the cups frequently made by the chocolate. However, there are some special variables that the cups also made by cookies and custard. Barista will take about 10 minutes to finish the cup and then they will fill up the drinks inside.


Overall, Saigon still has other unique coffee shops are undiscovered yet. As a reviewer, I strongly recommend you to visit those coffee shops above. The reason is that when you visited once, you will never forget the atmosphere as well as space, the drinks in there.



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