How to make Vietnam visa extension in 2019?

Vietnam visa extension is making renew visa to Vietnam. If you have demand, please contact us to help you to get it. Make sure with your passport have to at least left 2 blank pages.

Vietnam visa extension, what does it mean?

Staying in Vietnam for travel or business. However, you want to change your plan and want to stay in Vietnam more days than estimated. Don’t worry, using the Vietnam visa extension will help you to deal with your problem. Nearly day, making renewal of Vietnam visa extension is just apply for 1 month to 3 months (single or multiple entry).

The way to extend Vietnam visa in 2019

There are 2 ways to renew and extend visa. Apply it at Vietnam Immigration Departments or a visa agency. Normally, avoiding many trouble and procedure, renew the visa by visa agency. Only one condition you need to have to get a renewal is at least 2 blank pages. Depending on your demand or your type visa that we recommend you renew visa at least 1 week when your visa expires. It takes 5 to 10 days for the processing time.

Can I believe on Visaonlinevietnam to extend visa?

Absolutely right, we were born to get more and more chance to help our valued customers. We also have Vietnam visa renewal and extension service if you have demand. We can come in your location follow your address to pick up your passport and do the service.

You have to do some of steps if using our service like renew/extend visa:

Scanning your passport with the page contain the current Vietnam visa for After that, we will contact with Immigration Department in Vietnam to renew/extend your visa.

We will send you the fee of Vietnam visa extension, basing on your demand and choose the suitable service follow your plan. Because there are difference fee of Vietnam visa extension and renewal.


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