More detail about Visa on Arrival

What is Visa on Arrival?

We can know Visa on arrival (VoA) is the easiest way to get a Vietnam Visa by apply the online form through visa agency and get the approval letter by email. Printed it and bring it travel to Vietnam then get the visa on arrival airport.

Whether Vietnam Visa on Arrival legally?

Absolutely, the Vietnam immigration released the visa approval letter so it is a document legally in Vietnam. Following the Vietnam immigration laws Article 24, 1999, clause #6, Chapter 2 legalized “Visa on arrival”.

There are some of governments like the British Embassy and U.S Department of state in Hanoi also agree and accept Visa on arrival are very benefits for foreigner come to Vietnam to travel within a month. They said:

“To enter any country not only Vietnam, you have to need a validity passport with six months and a Vietnamese visa, a visa exemption document, an approval letter to get visa upon arrival. To get an approval letter, you must work with a travel agency prior to departure.”

The way to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2019

  • Go to the page of then complete your information with the online Application form.
  • Paying the service fee.
  • Getting Visa approval letter with an Entry and Exit form by Email and print it to take it to Vietnam.
  • Booking the flight then go to Vietnam by the air and get Vietnam visa stamped at the international airport.

There are three international airport at Vietnam that you have to landing because Vietnam Visa on Arrival only approve by come to Vietnam by air:

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)

Da Nang International Airport (DAD)

Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)

Service fee for Vietnam Visa on arrival

Applying to get Vietnam Visa on arrival, you can pay for Vietnam visa fees with two types:

  1. Firstly, making payment fee for service (fee for Vietnam immigration working to give issue the Vietnam Visa approval letter). You should pay the fee directly for the agent when he is doing  all the paperwork for you then he submit all of this for the immigration department of Vietnam and waiting for the Visa approval letter.
  2. Secondly, you have to pay the stamping fee directly at the Immigration Officers at the airport by cash. After paying fee, they will give you the Vietnam visa stamped on your passport. There are $45 for 1 month to 3 month single entry visa, $65 for multiple visa within 1 month and $95 for multiple entry visa within 3 month.

***Pay Attention:

Holding the Vietnam visa on arrival in hand, the foreigner go to Vietnam only get the Vietnam visa stamped at the Vietnam airport. It’s not approved for entry Vietnam by land or sea.

You don’t need to send the original passport when apply the Vietnam Visa on arrival. However, you must ensure all of your information completed in the Vietnam Visa on Arrival form is accurately. You can’t change or add any information when Visa Approval letter released. If you want to change or add something, you have to apply a new one.






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