Some ways for Greek citizens apply Vietnam visa

If you are a Greek citizen or just living in Greece, you should follow some of the steps here  to get Vietnam Visa

Having a Greek’s passport, there are two options for them to get a Vietnam visa

1. How to apply Vietnam Visa Online to get the approval letter and obtain the Vietnam Visa at the airport in Vietnam (Vietnam Visa on arrival).

This way is very benefits, reasonable price, faster than others. Don’t need to go to the Vietnam embassy, just at home or anywhere connecting the internet even in Mars, you can apply Vietnam Visa Online.

Approval letter of Vietnam

There are three steps to obtain a visa on arrival:

-Filling the online form include name, email, arrival date and information as well as the type of Visa at our website

-Making a payment by Credit card or Bank

-Don’t need to provide the passport

The processing time at Vietnam Embassy

1 to 2 days for Normal case

4-8 hours for Urgent case

30 minutes to 4 hours even National holidays or weekend for Emergency case

Waiting for the result on our website

Vietnam Immigration Department will give your information and approval letter for us. Checking the status at our website, it always updates.

What do you do when get the result by email?

-You will get the approval letter by email.

-Print this letter and bring it with 2 photos and stamping fee (single entry for 45 USD and multiple entries are 65 USD).

-Moreover, you can go to the nearest Vietnam embassy to get the visa stamp on your passport by providing the approval letter.

Notice: Vietnam visa on arrival just accept foreigners enter to Vietnam by international airport (Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Noi Bai).

2. Go to Vietnam Embassy and apply the Vietnam Visa

The Greek citizens can go to the nearest Vietnam embassy or consulate to apply for Vietnam visa. You can get Vietnam visa sooner or later base on your demand. If you want to get a certain question, calling for Vietnam Embassy about your case.

The requirement to apply Visa Vietnam:

-Your passport with at least 6 months validity

-Filling the application form to get Vietnam visa (Checking this form at Vietnam embassy website)

-One photo 4 x 6 cm

-The fees for visa

Embassy of Vietnam in Greece

Address: Diamantidou 20, Palaio Psychiko, 15452 Athens

Telephone: +302106128733/ +30210675 3080

Fax: +30 210 612 8734








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