Tan Dinh market- the truthly real market in Viet Nam

Tan Dinh market in the old time

this blog will give all the information about the Tan Ding market as the great eating place, shopping or enjoy the life

Tan Dinh market

if you have a chance to get  experience about the Viet Nam culture,just come to the oldedst markets of this county  .The oldest market can show that many aspect of Vietnamese people .Inlcuding thier activities, what they eat or drink, how they live or serve the problem in life .Among the most famous and oldest markets, this market is the simple and can not skip when travelling Viet Nam

The Tan Dinh’s general information:

+Full name: Tan Dinh

+Market’s address: 300 Hai Ba Trung and 01 Nguyen Huu Canh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

-Time openning: From 5 AM to 5 PM

-The most common product: fabrics, clothing, groceries, accessories, jewelry, footwear, fruit, kitchenware

-The goods’re sources at the market: Viet Nam and China.

First appearance at Tan Dinh market

The Tan Dinh market built in 1926 by French colonial .Nowaday, it market have important serves as the historical momuments and the most purchasing places for the locals and foreigner .Because of its location is on the corner of Hai Ba Trung and Nguyen Huu Cau, this market have 4 gates for customer to come in.

In 1980s, the local people owned this market and they got the common name for it -Phu Hoa Market .Later, maybe this market had short distance with the Tan Dinh castle  .So , they set new name – Tan Dinh market. It market becomes the most shopping place in the north of Sai Gon .The customers love this place by it structure .It had the unnormal and attracted  front with 3 streeples in middles and either sides .This market also attract the customer through accient and classic design .It makes this market easier to realize with the others market .After more 100 years, it is still the famous purchasing center of Sai Gon .The goods in here have the variety  with clothes, shoes and slippers, foods, fruits ,extiles,…

The Tan Dinh market also have the professional sercurity team to protect customer and serve the emergancy situations.

Tan Dinh market in the old time

The road to Tan Dinh market

The customer and tourists go to the head north  from the middiles of city, follow the Hai Ba Trung street with the others side of the road from the Tan Dinh castle .Tourist and customer only spend 10 minutes to go to this market from Turtle Lake.

Food , food and food in Tan Dinh market.

Having many street vendor in the front of Tan Dinh market. They will give  all the best street food in Sai Gon. This place become the food heaven and the tourist should add more in the journey. Moreover, this market is  famous with Bun Rieu, Pho, crab soup- the specialty dish of Viet Nam .Also,it supply the amazing dessert with Che Ba Muoi. This dessert never let the customer down. Its characteristic sweetness, many colors and cheap price ( only 10,000 vnđ ). Seller in here may not be good English. But they still communicate good and attract the tourist with the friendly

Che Ba Muoi

High quality product, made in Viet Nam

Tan Dinh Market become famous place for local silk products with high quality, sophisticated colors and beautiful patterns.The main area of ​​the market sells textile, cotton, knitted and even lace fabrics.  All of them are available here. fabrics such as floral chambray, ombre gingham, and whimsical voiles. In addition, the market also has a large collection of printed products such as flowers, fruits, and ancient villages

Having more

Altough the main product in this place are food and farbic, this market also contains many others goods. They help to make better the people life .It includes clothes, footwear,accessories,fresh produce,… Many products will have many prices to adapt more many types of customer.

So, shoud come to Tan Dinh market?

The answer is Yes. Tan Dinh is the wonderful market , all in one place with many foods and goods. This market will be always satisfied the customer no matter they have i hours or all days .Come and enjoy all the incredible things from this market.


The Tan Dinh is the classic and accient market in Sai Gon. This place attract customer through high quality and best foods with cheap price If tourist have a chances to go to Sai Gon (Viet Nam), come and enjoy one purchasing day In this market



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