The North West Viet Nam tour

The North West tour

 North West tour of Viet Nam

The Northwest is a mountainous area located in the west of northern Vietnam. The North is one of the key areas of Vietnam, having an important position in defense and security. However, the Northwest also has great beauty and rich nature. This place has wild beauty with high mountains and mist. All make a great beauty for any traveler. This article will provide clearer North West tour destinations of Vietnam.

NorthWeast tour


Sapa is one of the most interesting and beautiful places of the Northwest tour of Vietnam. Coming to Sapa, it will bring excitement and surprise to the beauty of this place. The undulating plains, fog and large port of interest will seduce and leave beautiful memories inside tourists. They are also immersed in the culture and life of the Spapa people. It includes gatherings, markets, trade and exchange of goods, dealing with tourists.

 NortWest tour

Moc Chau

Moc Chau must have be in the list of “beautiful places of the North West tour” . Indeed, this place is really beautiful with magnificent views,  climate is perfectly suitable for tourism. In addition, Moc Chau also add high mountain range, fog and extraordinary natural green color. In other words ,it will be very wasteful if tourists overlook Moc Chau during the travel tours in Tay Bac Viet Nam.

 NorthWest tourMai Chau

An idyllic land lies in the valley of Northwest Vietnam. Mai Chau is a world separated from Ha Noi capital. Therefore, Mai Chau attracts tourists with beautiful and delusional scenery but quiet and gentle. Moreover, Mai Chau’s suburb is full of wings. eye-catching rice fields and Thai-style villages .Above all will create beautiful scenes that tourists can only see on the paintings. If you wake up early in the morning, tourists will have the opportunity to see the sun appear, streams and birds.

 NorthWest tour

Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai is always famous for a great and special tourist destination from North West tour. The road to this place is a bit bumpy and it is very complicated. However, tourists will find it worth it. Mu Cang Chai stunned tourists with its charming natural harbor, majestic terraced fields and blue sky. Not only that, tourists can also feel the rustic and peaceful life of the Hoimong ethnic community here. NorthWest tour

Y Ty

It is no coincidence that this place with this strange name is on the list of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Northwest tour of Vietnam. Y Ty will find tourists excited and comfortable when they visit this place. Y Ty is a land deep in the surrounding mountains and mist. With a height of 2000m, Y Ty creates a fantasy and original feel for tourists. Y Ty will surely be one of the most unforgettable places in Northwest Vietnam.

 NorthWest tour

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