Viet Nam the festival tour (part 2)

the fesival tour

Children play with latern- the main toys in Mid-Autumn festival

Similary like the topic before. After that ,this topic still bring to the best festival tours in Viet Nam.

King Hung temple festival tour.

the festival tour

this is one of the most importan and biggest festival in Viet Nam. This festival attract more 1000 tourist yearly.  The purpose King Hung teample festival honors the victory  and action of the first kings -The Hung kings. For the Vietnamese, this is the moment for the General to remember the origin and pay homage to the ancestors and Hung kings . With foreign tourists, this festival tour is a good opportunity to experience special cultures and festivals in Vietnam, better understand the people and country of Vietnam. Because of this, the Hung king temple festival is the traditional festival of Viet Nam

Coming to Hung king temple tour, tourists can experience and discover about the ancient kings and the great historical journey. Moreover, tourists also have the opportunity to participate in burning the Hung king temple to experience new things.

Lunar New Year festival tour

the festival tour

This event marked the end of the old year and opened a new year in the ancient calendar from the east. This event is called “Tet Nguyen Dan” in Vietnam. The Lunar Year festival is the most important event in Vietnam. Despite its customs and similarities with the Chinese Lunar Year festival, these two festivals are different and have different times.

The Lunar Year is an opportunity for Vietnamese people to return to their families. They cook together, clean the house and celebrate the new year together. Coming to the Luna Year Festival, tourists will experience the atmosphere. fun and colorful in Vietnam. Tourists also experience and learn about the customs and interesting activities of Vietnamese people in this year’s most important event.

Mid-Autumn festival tour

This is a special festival and event for children in Vietnam. Mid-Autumn Festival takes place on August 15 of the lunar calendar and this is the new year for children. Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as moon festival or flower festival. In this festival, Vietnamese people organize parties, children receive many toys. Coming to Mid-Autumn festival, tourists will experience the special fun from space and outstanding colors. Tourists also taste moon cakes – the main dish of this event. Tourists can also participate in the moon procession festival with the children in Vietnam. These will be beautiful images and memories for them.

the fesival tour
Children play with lantern- the main toys in Mid-Autumn festival

Nha Trang sea festival tour

The Nha Trang sea festival operates 2 times in year in Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa disrict) .This is the colorful and dynamic event, it also honors the beautiful natural aspect of Nha Trang- the romantic , glamor city overlooking the sea.In 2003, the Nha Trang sea

Nha Trang sea festval is recognized as the most beautiful bay in the world club. Coming to Nha Trang during festivals, tourists can experience a bustling and exciting atmosphere with unique cultural events and wonderful entertainment areas. Besides, many other activities in the festival will create more experiences for tourists such as seafood festivals, culinary competitions, wine festivals, … Nha Trang sea festival is an opportunity for tourists. The calendar knows more about the landscape and people of Vietnam, and has the opportunity to experience the wonderful culture and customs from this place.

the festival tour

inaugurate the Nha Trang sea festival

The cold food festival tour

Also known as Tet Han Thuc (cold food festival). This is a traditional festival of Vietnamese people in the centuries before the cold food festival took place on the 3rd day of the 3rd month in the lunar calendar. Like Tet, this is an opportunity for Vietnamese people to meet their families and remember their ancestors. In this festival, banh chung and burgers and vegetarian cakes are the main and traditional dishes. Tourists will have chance to taste special customs and dishes. During this event, Tourists also have a chance to sample Banh Choi, which is made from glutinous rice, with a sugar inside and a very cute circle. Moreover, there is Banh Banh, a dish similar to Banh Chung but a green bean inside instead of sugar. At the Cold Food festival, after the eldest person lit incense to commemorate and invite the ancestors to their families, the festival officially began.

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