Viet Nam the festival tour

The festival tour

The water mushic show at Ha Long carinal

In addition, the festivals are the acitivities that relate to cultural, artistc and religious. They keep the importance in the people’re live in here. The main objects honored in festivals are the gods of man or the gods from nature. The festival tour includes with 2 mains part with “ritual” and “festival activities” .In Viet Nam, having almost 1000 festival event that performed yearly. This topic will help to know more about the main festival events in Viet Nam.

Co Loa citadel festival

This is the huge festival event. It organize in 6th to 16th in first lunar year’s month , after the lunar year festival. Moreover, the Co Loa citadel festival organized and celebrated in Thuong temple (Dong Anh district, Ha Noi).

The main day of Co Loa citadel festival is 6th day. In this day, the festival starts with a solemn procession with 12 temples in area. Similarly, the Co Loa citadel festival is the activities to glorify the Hung kings about celebrting and defending Viet Nam country. In  that case, all 12 villages and event the tourist can burn the incense to glorify and wish the piece and prosperity.

After that, the Co Loa citadel festival  go to many games and traditional acitivities. The local and the tourist like this part .It includes “danh du” (bamboo swings), “nem con” (game of throwing a sacred ball through the ring). Moreover, rice cooking competition, “ca tru” singing, “quan ho” singing, “cheo” are also in the game. In addition, the wrestling and archery are the most interesting game in Co Loa citadel festival’s activities.

festival tour


Chol Chnam Thmay festival tour

This is the new year festival tour from the acient canlendar from Khmer people. This festival organzes on April with 3 day performing ( 4 days in leap year) .The people try to repair and decorate thier home, they also get the new clothes for this festival.

Chol Chnam Thmay Festival has the name for each of  4 days. The first day’s name is Mohammed Songkran, the second is Wan Wanatat, the Tngai Laeung Saka for the third and Wonbof for the fourth day .In the first day of Chol Chnam Thmay, each of family get the big meal, burning incense. Moreover, they also repair 5 flowers, 5 candles, 5 cereal seeds .Above all, they just like the message to the god to pray the peace and prosperity

the festival tour
Chol Chnam Thmay Festival of Khmer people

Da Nang international fireworks

This is an international fireworks competition and is held annually in Da Nang (Vietnam). This year, this competition usually takes place in April and involves 3-4 rival nations. Each year, the participating teams will perform different performances and topics for 2 nights. Tourists will have the opportunity to experience in the beautiful and colorful spaces of fireworks.  Fireworks on high and the scenery of Da Nang city below will be unforgettable memories for tourists

In addition, the internaltional fireworks alo help the tourist to have the chance  to travel Da Nang, My Son Sanctuary. Hoi An acient town or Hue citadel – the heritage of the world that will let you down when travelling in here.

the festival tour

Halong Carnival festival tour

The big festival tour in Vietnam. Every year, this festival attracts a large number of tourists, tourists and locals are always attracted by the fun and colorful atmosphere at this festival. At the main events of the festival, Halong Carnival brings together thousands of actors, dancers, singers. All combine to create interesting and colorful items in the festival. Halong Carnival will create. different themes each year to celebrate the traditional and natural values ​​of Ha Long Bay. The Halong Carnival also features parades and music performances on the beach. In addition, Ha long carinal has more laser screens, sound and water .It will create great parties for lighting and sound. Tourists will definitely not miss when traveling in Da Nang.

The festival tour
The water mushic show at Ha Long carival

The Hue festival tour

is a major cultural and festive event in Hue. Word events are usually held about every 2 years (in April, May or June). This is an occasion to honor the cultural and historical values ​​of this world cultural heritage site.Coming to the festival, visitors can experience the colorful and majestic space with unique and artistic performances in Vietnam. Hue festival tour also becomes a space for cultural exchange among people in the world.

Moreover, there are many cultural events in this festival such as a poetry festival about Hue, street art performances. On the other hand, tourists can also experience art exhibitions and film festivals. or traditional food courts, kite flying festivals. All will help other tourists have wonderful experiences and better understand the culture and history of Hue ancient capital

the festival tour

Huong pagoda

This festival belongs to Huong Son, Ha Noi. Huong pagoda festival is one of the major Buddhism in Vietnam. There are populations of pagodas and pagodas on the Huong Tich limestone mountains. Moreover, Huong pagoda festival tour is held annually and lasts about 3 months. Unlike other festivals, arts and entertainment activities are a central part of Huong pagoda fesitval, which attracts a number of visitors every year including foreign tourists. They went to Huong pagoda to see the beautiful scenery but also prayed for peace for their families and themselves. Coming to Huong pagoda, tourists also have the opportunity to participate in Buddhist rituals here. They often bring a large tray with fruit and incense. After that, they will get back and eat a piece of fruit as a form of getting lucky from Phat

the festival tour

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