Top 10 reasons why you can’t say NO to a Vietnam motorbike tour

Today, having a motorbike tour in Vietnam is not so difficult. You can freely choose the destination and kind of Vietnam motorbike tour you want. Favorable tourism services can be provided from plenty of different tourism companies or just a self-sufficient trip prepared on your own. However, in order to have real experiences which are absolutely exciting and amazing, a Vietnam motorbike tour will be the best choice for you rather than other vehicle tours.

Time flies fast and the youth will be colorless without trips to new lands to discover various magnificent spots and diverse cultures. Hence, take your bag and go to know more, understand more and love this life more when it is possible.

Each person will have their own selection of attraction and traveling means for the tour, which depends on what they like and how much money they have. Despite the convenient traveling thanks to the living – condition improvement, a motorcycle tour is always the number-one option for young people who love adventures, over the years. Only hold riding by your own hands and see the views by your naked eyes can give you unique and inspiring discovery experiences which no other vehicle can.

Motorbikes will take you wherever you want

Flexibility is the most outstanding advantage of motorbike in Vietnam. It will be your partner to conquer all the roads whether they are craggy and rugged roads or small and muddy roads that are “surrendered” by cars. Moreover, the motorbikes will accompany you through the trip to explore new things in each place on the journey.

The motorbike is chosen as a “companion”, therefore, it must be ensured durability and strength to overcome many types of terrain without being damaged. It will be more useful if it is featured by high fuel-saving, good shock absorber as well as the capacity to carry a lot of luggage.

It is extremely wonderful to enjoy the feeling of driving through the vast, golden rice fields and the winding pass on which one side is the cliff and the other side is the blue sea running to infinity, or the roads filled with colorful flowers on both sides.

Although the splendor and vividness of these paintings are hard to touch through the car window, they can be fully captured into the eyes of the tourists by a Vietnam motorbike tour and even make the coldest heart vibratory.

Freely snap photos and talk

It will be a big regret if you do not spend time taking nice photos on each trip and let the scenery on both sides of the road pass speedily. Traveling by motorbike in Vietnam always allows you to stop along the road to freely take photos and chat with roadside people. As a result, you will not only own an invaluable property including great photos but also receive friendly smiles and interesting stories from local people.

Many incidents that can arise on the road such as the motorbike runs out of gas and has engine-trouble, or it is stuck at the dangerous path … You have to calm down to solve the problems with the whole team instead of being over worried when involving in such situations. From that, solidarity, cooperation spirit and the ability to work together are also developed.

Each trip always gives us useful and necessary lessons so that we can flexibly handle difficulties that suddenly happen in life.

Da Nang Motorbike Tour
Da Nang Motorbike Tour

Maximum cost saving

Not every young people can afford to have a trip. Hence, calculate how to save the fee maximally is the thing which everyone thinks about.

The cost of fuel for the vehicle is one of the fees that backpackers pay special attention to. They mostly choose manual transmission motorbike themselves because it saves gas comparing to other kinds of transportation. This will help to reduce remarkably the cost of the trip. However, in recent years, thanks to the continuous technology innovation of manufacturers, many types of engines for scooters that consume fuel effectively (not inferior to the warhorse-manual transmission motorbike) are released on the market.

Traveling without wasting much money and freely enjoying the scenery along the way, taking beautiful pictures, and even having the footprint on the place which not everyone thinks about. The time is limited, so do not wait until too late. You-the young people who own strong vitality yourself let take your bag and have a nice Vietnam motorbike tour whenever you want.

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The quality and experience of customers are always put on the first, as a result, each motorbike tour will give tourists new and different experiences even on the same road. The motorbike tour is organized around the year and on every terrain from the North to the South of Vietnam country which lasts from one to twenty-one days. Visit BM Travel Adventure‘s website to find more detail information about the company as well as services and advantages for the first customers.



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