What is Urgent visa to Vietnam?

If you don’t have more time to complete Vietnam visa procedure or just one day to prepare go to Vietnam. Don’t worry, Vietnam urgent visa is the best choice for you in this case.


If your country not appear on the Vietnam visa exemption agreement, you have to need a visa to Vietnam.

You have to complete the online form of Vietnam visa application on our website.

Your original passport has at least 6 months validity when enter to Vietnam.

There are two fee of Vietnam Urgent Visa – 18 US Dollar for Urgent and 45 US Dollar for Super Urgent

The fee of stamping still the same for urgent visa at the airport (45 US Dollar for single entry and 65 Dollar for multiple-entry visa).

When Urgent Vietnam visa finished?

Waiting for Urgent Vietnam visa within couple hours:

In the morning: If you finish all of application and payment at 7:30 AM (Vietnamese time), you will get the letter by 11:30 AM (4 hours of working)

In the evening: If you complete all of payment and application at 1:30 PM (Vietnamese time), you will get the letter at 4:30 PM (3 hours of working)


You can not apply for urgent visa on the weekday evenings and weekend. You will get the approval letter following the business days, if you apply it on above these day.

What to do if I have a flight on weekend?

I think you need to change the flight because the Vietnam immigration office is close on this day. They don’t deal with the procedure on weekends.

Warning: Another travel agency often suggest you to add some of service to get the visa on the weekend. Please, don’t do that, we make sure 100% Vietnam immigration office is not working in Saturday and Sunday so they can issue the visa during these day. Do not waste money and risk like this.

Whether Vietnam Urgent Visa be ensure?

In many cases, it can be fined to obtain the approval letter after 4 processing hours. Therefore, we are not sure if in Vietnam have national holiday that we can’t give it for you on time as promised. We will send you back all of payment.

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