Experiences when traveling Da Nang by motorbike

Da Nang Motorbike Tour

Da Nang Motorbike Tour

Traveling Da Nang by motorbike is the ideal way for you to explore new places. This form of travel will definitely bring you interesting experiences that you will never forget. Therefore, to get yourself well-prepared and help your journey go smoothly, equip yourself with some useful knowledge when backpacking in Da Nang.

Experiences when traveling Da Nang by motorbike

Da Nang is one of the three major tourist centers on the Vietnam tourism map. Over the years,  it is increasingly coming out as one of the most attractive and amazing destinations in both domestic and international visitor’s eyes.

Da Nang possesses must-visit attractions such as Ba Na Hills, Son Tra Peninsula, and Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son). Tourists from Hanoi are quite familiar with the journey of Danang by motorbike but tourists from Ho Chi Minh City are not. So here are some significant experiences for you to refer to.

1. The road to Da Nang

Get the route well surveyed is necessitated when you make a decision to challenge yourself in the Da Nang motorbike tour. The existing road that can take you to Da Nang is the National Highway 1A. However, the traffic on this road is quite stuck with a variety of transportations, you should pay attention and adhere to the speed limit. You are highly recommended to apply the paper or Google Maps to navigate accurately.

2. Vehicle inspection and maintenance

The first and most important thing in a motorcycle tour you have to bear in mind is safety. Despite the easy-driving road to Da Nang City, vehicle maintenance and fixation before the departure is extremely in need. You must thoroughly examine the motorcycle to ensure your trip will be completed without incidents.

 3. Where to stay

Traveling by motorbike to Da Nang will help you get flexibility in collecting a place to stay depending on your needs and finances. In Da Nang, a cheap hotel only costs around USD7-USD14/room such as Golden Beach, Tuan Phong, Champa, Anh Duong, Hung Thu, Dang Ha Hotel.

4. Where to go

Da Nang is covered by the stunning beauty and one of the numbers – one attraction in central Vietnam with spectacular scenery, immense ranges of mountains, sunny beaches, and crystal clear water lakes. It is becoming the top spot to travel. Furthermore, here also possesses the pristine beauty which brings you memorable experiences.

Ghenh Bang

Ghenh Bang is one of the ecotourism sites in Da Nang, located on the Son Tra Peninsula, about 20 km from the center of Da Nang. The landscape remains idyllic beauty with a coastline of about 2 km, surrounded by countless large and small rocks and green trees.

Coming here, you also have a chance to experience scuba diving, watch coral reefs, and explore the world of colorful marine life.

Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake is an artificial lake providing water for people and irrigating, not far from the center of the city. It is a poetic place where is compared to the “Mongolian steppe”.

Coming to Hoa Trung lake, you seem to be lost in the “vast steppe”  because the lake is surrounded by many man-made floating islands with lush green grass fields stretching to the horizon.

Perhaps the best time to visit the lake is in the dry season (October – November) when water almost recedes, which would transform the whole lake. At this time, visitors can admire a picturesque steppe.

Hoa Trung lake has not been exploited for tourism yet, everything here is beautiful and peaceful as it is. Therefore, if you want to find a place to escape from the bustling city, Hoa Trung lake is a good option for you.

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Gieng Troi (Sky Well)

If you love traveling and exploring new places, Gieng Troi is the perfect place for you. Gieng Troi belongs to the primeval forest to the west of Da Nang, in Hoa Vang district. It is located near the peak of Ba Na Mountain, surrounded by dense forests. Because of its position, Gieng Troi is often likened to a swimming pool located halfway up the sky.

You should visit Gieng Tro from June to September(the summertime) when the weather is less rainy so the road is less slippery and dangerous. Besides,  coming here, you can also participate in many interesting activities such as fishing, hiking, bathing.

Hai Van Pass

Not only associated with many important historical events, but Hai Van Pass is also a place that attracts a number of visitors to explore and experience by its breathtaking landscapes.

At 500 meters above sea level, Hai Van Pass is known as the highest and most dangerous pass in the whole of Vietnam with a steep slope of 45 degrees.

Driving across the winding road with some slight bends as well as hairpin turns, drivers are rewarded with spectacular views of misty mountains rising high over the South China Sea, deserted sandy beaches and vast forests.

From the top looking down, you can see the entire city surrounded by the immense sea and floating clouds at sunset. Coming here, you are able to admire one of the most beautiful mountains passes in the world with your own eyes and capture memorable moments.

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Son Tra Peninsula

Only 13 km away from the center of Da Nang City, Son Tra peninsula is a primeval forest with cool climate and stunning scenery all year round. It has become an attractive tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers. Setting foot to Son Tra peninsula, you can explore many picks such as Bai But, Bai Rang, Linh Ung Pagoda, Ban Co peak.

The ideal time to travel to the peninsula is from March to September. At this time, the weather is sunny, dry, rarely stormy. Visiting here in the winter is also not a bad selection, you can wallow in the foggy. However, keep watching out the riding way, otherwise, you can get incidents.

That’s all BM Travel Adventure wants to share about how to get a complete Da Nang motorbike tour beyond your expectations. Hopefully, with this information, you will have a perfect plan for your trip. If you are still not confident enough about your preparation for the Da Nang motorbike tour, do not hesitate to contact the BM Travel Adventure.

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