The Southern Viet Nam tour

Southern Viet Nam tour

Ao Dai- the popular picture in HCM city

 The Southern of Viet Nam

It is one of the three largest geographic regions of Vietnam (including the North and the Central).The Southern of Vietnam also includes two administrative regions and 19 units (17 provinces and two large cities – Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City).People know the south of Vietnam not only as one of the three largest geographic regions in Vietnam.This place is also as a tourist attraction and welcomes more than 1,000 visits each year.This article will provide more clarity on famous tourist destinations in southern tour of Vietnam.

Southern Viet Nam

Southern Viet Nam tours

Mui Ne Southern tour

This is the most western-style beach in southern Vietnam. The beach has great beauty and sprawling. Here, Western-style luxury resorts and hotels can be found along the coastline, the lower hotels are at the heart of city. At Mui Ne, tourists can experience water activities like surfing, kite surfing, jet and boating. On the mainland, guests can also enjoy recreational activities such as kite surfing, sand climbing or visiting Cham temples. On the other hand, tourists can also entertain themselves with bars and entertainment clubs in Mui Ne

Southern Viet Nam tour
The beautiful view of Mui Ne beach

 Nha Trang Southern tour

Khanh Hoa is a beautiful and big city located in the south central coastal region of Vietnam. This place is famous for its excellent beaches. The most famous place here is Nha Trang with over 100% original beaches, great natural views and giant islands. The tourist can get the new experience about these original beaches.

Nha Trang is not only famous about the original beaches but also attract the customer with the famous travelling destinations, rich in culture and humanities.Famous tourist destination, rich in culture and humanities. The most popular tourist destinations here can be Monkey Island, Hon Tre – 36 km from the coast of Nha Trang and bringing freshness, tranquility and beautiful scenes to tourists. In addition to 100% beaches original, Nha Trang also has rock cave, sand, coral beaches that are also 100% original. All these things will make tourists feel captivated and immersed in the beauty of nature in Nha Trang

Southern Viet Nam tour
Nha Trang beach
Southern Viet Nam tour
The Monkey island (Nha Trang)

Ho Chi Minh city Southern Tour

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Sai Gon) is a large urban, economic center and  developed city in southern of Vietnam. The city is a mixture of modernity, modern buildings and the nostalgia of history with many history loccations. This city is an all-inclusive great experience that tourists will want when visiting Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City, tourists will be impressed with the tall buildings, big construction, the terrible amount of motorbikes. On the other hand, this place also attract tourist uiwth rows of green trees along the two sides of the road,  girls with traditional ao dai and the street vendors. All of them will be the stay inside the tourist with vivid and colorful images. HCM city also attracts tourists with historical sites – War Remnants Museum.

Southern Viet Nam tour
Ao Dai- the popular picture in HCM city

Tourists will understand and experience the stages of the war in Vietnam through artifacts and images. Coming to HCM city, tourists also have the opportunity to visit the Landmark building – the highest in Vietnam, the city post office and the Notre Dame Cathedral. All will provide a great experience for tourists visiting Ho Chi Minh City

Southern Viet Nam tour
HCM city

Cu Chi tunnel Southern tour

Cu Chi relic is a wonder of Vietnamese people in the war with France and the United States. This relic is a network of tunnels connected to each other and only Vietnamese soldiers can enter. Cu Chi Tunnel was built in 1940 with a total length of more than 250km. Coming to Cu Chi relic site, tourists will have the opportunity to visit the armory, trapping systems of the Vietnamese military in the war. In addition, tourists also have the opportunity to experience diving into the Cu Chi tunnel and tasting cassava – a specialty dish at this location.

Southern Viet Nam tour
Foreign tourist try to fit the the tunnel in Cu Chi

Phu Quoc island Southern tour

Phu Quoc is one of the most beautiful and beautiful islands in southern of Vietnam, one of the most popular tourist destinations and a paradise for tourists. , beautiful beaches, ancient ruins. In 2002, Phu Quoc Island was recognized as the most beautiful beach and hotel in the world. “Moreover, tourists can easily access guests. travel via sea and air With all of these factors, tourists will definitely not miss Phu Quoc Island during their trips to Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Southern Viet Nam tour
The Phu Quoc island from high


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