Vietnam motorbike rental

Vietnam motorbike rental

Vietnam motorbike rental

Talking about Vietnam is talking about the best things for motorbike enthusiasts, because this is the country where motorbikes are the main means of transportation, with the legendary roads, beautifully natural and cultural objects.  This place has created many good memories for biker when coming to Vietnam.

Vietnam motorbike rental? We will help you answer that question.

In Vietnam today, especially in Hanoi, there are many motorbike rental companies and organizations, with many prices offered for different types of motorbikes. The new, high – quality motorbike will cost high, while the opposite of older motorcycles but still ensuring the safety of your trip, the price will be a bit cheaper. The special thing for your trip to be safe and fun is to choose a reputable motorbike rental company. The operator must be knowledgeable about motorbikes, providing you with useful tips for your journey.

Fortunately, there is such a company in Hanoi, with many new motorcycles, maintained right after each trip, an experienced executive who are fluent in many languages ​​and especially give you advice, it is Vietnam motorbike tours club.

About BM Travel/Vietnam motorbike tours club.

The birth of Vietnam motorbike tours club is our affirmation and desire. Bringing the best values ​​to international friends, creating good values ​​for local people. Therefore, to attract visitor  Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club  always bring the best value to visitors and expect customers to recognize us as professional travel people. We are led by the director, who has more than 10 years of experience as a tour guide, our motorbike team comes from leading brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki…

For Vietnam motorbike tours, you are not only a tourist, you are the people who make sense of our survival, so what is best is for you.

Vietnam motorbike rental – best price: Honda CRF 250 cc.
Vietnam motorbike rental – best price: Honda CRF 250 cc.


Vietnam motorbike rental – Best Price

With the hard work and love of our customers, we always have the latest motorcycles, regularly maintained to bring the best trip for you. Particularly, Vietnam motorbike tours club rental price is the lowest in Hanoi

For more information about BM Travel’s motorbikes, please check here:  Our Dirt Bikes’s Vietnam Motorbike Tours Club

Vietnam motorbike rental: Honda XR 150 cc.

This is one of the cheapest rental cars at Vietnam motorbike tours club. Flexibility, robustness and durability are the advantages of this motorcycle.

Rental Price: 25 USD/Day (Not include: Helmet, coat rain…)


Vietnam motorbike rental – best price: Honda CRF 250 cc.

Every customer’s favorite is for this motorbike. Steady, extremely powerful will bring happy moments for bikers.

Rental Price: 55 USD/ Day (Not include: Raincoat, Helmet…)

Vietnam motorbike rental
Vietnam motorbike rental

Vietnam motorbike rental: SuZuKi DRZ 400 cc

This is the most powerful and high-end motorbike of Vietnam motorbike tours club. Every word that describes this motorbike is not enough, only to directly experience it, overcome the challenges on the road together to see all its power.

Rental Price: 75 USD/ Day (Not include: Helmet, Raincoat….)

Contact us, tell us about your needs, Vietnam motorbike rental will network the best answers for you.

Things to know about motorbike rental procedures at Vietnam motorbike tours club.

Contact us 2 days in advance to prepare you for the best motorbike.

Please pay 100% before renting motorbike.

Leave a passport or 30% of the value of the car.

You must compensate if you damage our cars, depending on the situation, we will assess how much you have to pay, but you can rest assured, we will charge the barking of motorbikes by value of the market.

As a professional travel company in Vietnam, all of our terms are clearly stated on the contract, visitors can rest assured when renting our motorbikes.

The above is all you need to rent a motorbike in Hanoi. We also have a lot of interesting motorcycle tours you can Book Tours, If you like you can book tours or no, you can follow those programs. The places in the tour program are excellent places, attracting tourists.



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