the Phu Quoc island tour

The Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is the beautiful island. It locates to 40 kilometers away from the south coast of Viet Nam and having 40 minutes flight from HCM city. Phu Quoc is a green island with a small population and quietness. Phu Quoc is one of the great tourist destinations and deserves to visit in Vietnam

Phu Quoc island tour

The history

Phu Quoc is a beautiful island located in the southwest of Vietnam, near Cambodia’s coast. Phuong Quoc is currently the largest island in Vietnam with an area of ​​about 580 square kilometers and a population of more than 100,000 people. Phu Quoc used to be an ordinary island for local fishing villages. However, Phu Quoc island changed when Western forces intervened in Vietnam. 

During the wars in Viet Nam, this island becomethe largest prison in Vietnam with more than 1,000 prisoners held here. Today, Phu Quoc island retains the prison system as an interesting tourist destination and also remember about the war events

Phu Quoc island tour
The jail on the Phu Quoc island

How to go to Phu Quoc island


This is a specialized and popular way to move to Phu Quoc Island, with a variety of airlines to choose from. Compared to other modes of transportation, flying seems to be more comfortable and quick. From big cities like Da Nang, Ha Noi, Hcm can reach 1.5-2.5 hours only with flying. . Prices for this service vary from $ 25 to $ 65.

The others mode of transportation

Tourists can also go to Phu Quoc island via the sea. Specifically, tourists can travel by bus to Ha Tien. After that, they will board the boat to move to Phu Quoc Island. From Ha Tien to Phu Quoc Island via sea only takes about 1.5 hours

the Phu Quoc island tour
Flight and boats- the common transportation mode in Phu Quoc

The best activities in Phu Quoc island

Sip the cocktail on beautiful island

If tourists come to Phu Quoc to relax. Nothing is better than a glass of coctail on a green beach of a beautiful island. Mong Tay island (Phu Quoc) will be a great place for you to relax, sip a cocktail and watch the sunset.

Enjoy longest cable car in the world

Come to Phu Quoc , the tourist also have the chance to going though the island with longest cable car in the world .With  this model, the tourist can see all the view about Phu Quoc .This cable car is about 8 kilometers long and tanke more 15 minutes for each of lapse .The price for each of turn is  almot $25 USD.

the Phu Quoc island tour
Phu Quoc island has the longest cable car in the world
Diving and exploring the seabed at Phu Quoc

Come to Phu Quoc, tourists can join the dive to explore the seabed in this island. Tourists can immerse themselves in the blue water, explore the beautiful coral reefs, swim with the colorful fishes .All  will create great experiences for tourists on Phu Quoc Island.

the Phu Quoc island tour

Tasting all the food in night market
the Phu Quoc island tour
the night market in Phu Quoc

After all day travelling and exploring the Phu Quoc island. The tourist can hanging out to eat at night market. When the sun goes down, the atmosphere at Phu Quoc is more bustling, the food market with many fragrant smells attracts hungry tourists. In here, the market serves fresh seafood dishes, dishes with ingredients from the sea. If customers want to buy and bring them back, there are also shops with fresh seafood to serve. In addition, these markets also serve traditional Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, Bun Rieu, or Banh Xeo, …

the Phu Quoc island tour

Explore the Dinh Cau rock temple

Right in the center of Duong Dong town. This is a special temple with a lighthouse in the middle and a temple. People call this place Dinh Cau Pagoda. Every week, fishermen come here to pray for good luck. and peace of mind for each of their hunting trips. Tourists can come here to watch the sunset over the sea, walk along the beach to enjoy the view and enjoy the cool air

the Phu Quoc island tour
The Dinh Cau temple
Visiting the Phu Quoc prision

This prison was built during the French war. The people here call it the prison of Cay Dua. This prison once held more than 1000 people and is one of the most gruesome prison of war in Vietnam. Currently, this place is a historical site of Phu Quoc. Visiting Phu Quoc prison is an experience. interesting for tourists. They will see more clearly about the lives of offenders and terrible torture penalties in the war.

Phu Quoc island tour
The jail on the Phu Quoc island

Cuisine in Phu Quoc

The Phu Quoc island is not only  the favorite travelling place in Viet Nam but also having increadible cuisine.

Red Herring with the sallad

This is a favorite dish by locals and tourists. The red herring is cut in the form of an eye-catching sashimi. It is served with mint, onion and coconut. All will create a wonderful and glamorous mix of any food lover. In Phu Quoc, tourists can try this at big restaurants like Song Xanh Restaurant on 30/4, Trung Duong Marina restaurant at 136 street 30/4, Vuon Tao restaurant (Apple Garden restaurant) at Cua Lach hamlet, or Le Giang restaurant at 288 Tran Hung Dao street.

the Phu Quoc island tour

Fish and Pork Noodle soup

A popular dish in Vietnam and tourists love it. This dish is served with eating noodles which combine with fish and meat. It can also add seafood and beef. Tourists can try this on Phu Quoc Island with Phungong or Noodle store Noodle Noodle on Bach Dang Street, town. Duong Dong town.

the Phu Quoc island tour
In Viet Nam, they call it “Hu Tieu My”
Sweet and Sour Fish Soup

This is a very delicious and famous dish of Vietnam. This dish includes fish with soup which is sour and sweet. It also has mint, vegetables, tamarind …. Vietnamese people often eat this dish with rice. Tourists also like this dish, they often taste Try it with fish sauce. Therefore, most restaurants in Phu Quoc have this dish

the Phu Quoc island tour

Crab soup

the Phu Quoc island tour

This dish is super delicious and unique with the taste of tomato and crab in the saltwater area of ​​Phu Quoc. This combination forms a special and interesting dish


Of coursely, Phu Quoc attracts tourists with beautiful scenes and a large number of fresh and delicious seafood. Here, seafood is fired right after catching so it is still fresh and delicious. Tourists visiting Phu Quoc island should enjoy seafood here 

the Phu Quoc island tour

The beaches in Viet Nam

Phu Quoc is always famous for its beautiful beaches. Here, tourists can comfortably enjoy the fresh air, beautiful scenes. Some famous beaches in Vietnam are Long Beach, Bai Sao Beach, An Thoi Beach, Ong Lang Beach, Cua Can Beach.

the Phu Quoc island tour


Though this topic, hope that the tourist has already had the overview about the Phu Quoc island. If having any chance to travell in Viet Nam, the Phu Quoc island tour is the good idea.

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